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Crank Pump Pro

All in, max out – for maximum muscle pump, performance, and recovery


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For a maximum muscle pump
Anti-Fatigue formula


  • Lose weight
  • Endurance
  • Muscle building

Maximum pump - with Crank Pump Pro! Our pre-workout booster ensures maximum muscle pump and maximum training motivation - without any caffeine. Ideal for any workout and any time.

  • Pump booster
  • With anti-fatigue & anti-fatigue formula
  • Optimised with electrolyte matrix
  • Without stimulants
  • Ideal for any training time


L-Citrulline Malate (2:1), L-Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate (2:1), Anti-Caking Agent (Silicon Dioxide), Glycerol Powder (65% Glycerol, Anti-Caking Agent (Silicon Dioxide)) (GLYCOPUMP®), Amaranth Extract (OXYSTORM®), Dextrin, Sodium Citrate, Flavoring, Potassium Citrate, Calcium Citrate, Magnesium Citrate, Acid (Citric Acid), Rhodiola Rosea Extract, L-Glutathione, Pine Bark Extract, Coloring Food (Spirulina Concentrate), Sweeteners (Sucralose, Acesulfame K), Color (Carotenes), Black Pepper Extract, Niacin (Nicotinamide), Riboflavin (Vitamin B2), Folic Acid ((6S)-5-Methyltetrahydropholic Acid, Glucosamine Salt), Vitamin B12 (Methylcobalamin).

Crank Pump Pro Key Facts

Maximum muscle pump

Scientifically based combination of ingredients for unparalleled muscle pump

Anti-fatigue & tiredness formula

With vitamin B complex + magnesium to reduce tiredness and fatigue²

With sophisticated electrolyte matrix

Potassium, magnesium and calcium for normal muscle function 8,3,9

Without stimulants

Benefits of a pre-workout booster without the side effects of stimulants like caffeine

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Pump up the volume

Our Pro Series Crank Pump is a pre-workout booster that ensures maximum muscle pump and maximum training motivation. 1 How? With selected, maximally effectively dosed ingredients that are synergistically coordinated according to the latest scientific findings. This means that your performance and muscle pump are served by the booster via three different and independent pathways. 2,4 On top of that, we have optimized Pro Series Crank Pump with an anti-tiredness and fatigue formula so that you are optimally prepared for every workout - and all without stimulants such as caffeine. 2,3 This means you can use our pre-workout booster for every workout and at any time - for maximum performance and a maximum training experience.

Unique pump booster

Although we don't use stimulants like caffeine in Pro Series Crank Pump, it helps your body reduce tiredness and fatigue without compromising your recovery afterwards due to poor sleep. Vitamin B complex and magnesium make it possible. 2

What makes our pre-workout booster truly unique is the complex of cofactors it contains that support the body's own NO production and the maintenance of NO levels: citrulline and arginine.

Keep in mind:NO is the substance that causes the blood vessels in the body to dilate. This is particularly relevant when combined with citrulline and arginine.¹

On top: The adaptogen Rhodiola Rosea, popular amoungst and trusted by professional athletes, combined with the patented plant-based NO source Oxystorm®, along with the amino acids L-glutathione and glycerol, makes the Pro Series Crank Pump formula truly exceptional. From a scientific standpoint, everything supports our Pro Series Crank Pump. Now, it's time for you to experience firsthand how our top pump booster works in practice!

Vitamin B Power

Training? That's right. Supplements? That's right too. But you're missing the muscle pump? Then it's probably because you're lacking relevant cofactors, such as the B vitamins. Not uncommon! According to consumption studies, over 80% of Germans do not reach the recommended intake of the B vitamin folic acid for normal adolescents and adults. 4 The problem: folic acid plays an important role in NO formation. Together with vitamin B12, it regulates homocysteine ​​metabolism and thus NO formation. 5,6 In addition, vitamin B2 helps protect cells from oxidative stress, which in turn can lead to the inactivation of NO. 7

During an intensive workout, you lose fluids and therefore minerals, especially sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium, which are essential for muscle function. The result: your performance drops. To prevent this from happening, we have optimized our Pro Series Crank Pump with an electrolyte matrix of potassium 8 , magnesium 3 and calcium 9 . They all contribute to normal muscle function and therefore also support your regeneration. 1

And all this makes our Pro Series Crank Pump not just a good pump booster, but our best.

Any further questions?

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Our Crank Pump Pro not only provides a muscle pump, but also prevents fatigue 2 and supports muscle function with an electrolyte matrix. 8,3

Yes, Crank Pump Pro is designed for daily use, but only on training days, ideally shortly before training.

No, Crank Pump Pro is free of caffeine and other stimulants.

It is recommended to take Crank Pump Pro 30-45 minutes before training to experience the optimal effect.

Important notes: Food supplements are not a substitute for a balanced diet. Ensure a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Dietary supplements should be stored out of reach of young children.

¹ Folic acid and vitamin B12 contribute to normal homocysteine ​​metabolism, which influences the formation of NO. Vitamin B2 helps protect cells from oxidative stress. Oxidative stress can lead to the inactivation of NO, the substance that is formed in the body from arginine.

² The vitamins B2, B3, folic acid, B12 and magnesium contained help to reduce tiredness and fatigue.

³ Magnesium contributes to normal muscle function, normal functioning of the nervous system and electrolyte balance.

⁴ Max Rubner Institute (2008). National Consumption Study II, Results Report Part 2.

⁵ Stühlinger MC, Tsao PS, Her JH, Kimoto M, Balint RF, Cooke JP. Homocysteine ​​impairs the nitric oxide synthase pathway: role of asymmetric dimethylarginine. Circulation. 2001 Nov 20;104(21):2569-75. doi: 10.1161/hc4601.098514. PMID: 11714652.

⁶ Vitamin B12 contributes to normal homocysteine ​​metabolism.

⁷ Riboflavin (vitamin B2) helps protect cells from oxidative stress.

⁸ Potassium contributes to normal muscle function.

⁹ Calcium contributes to normal muscle function.