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ESN - Your partner for effective weight loss

At ESN we understand that the journey to weight loss is not only a challenge but also an opportunity to live a healthier and happier lifestyle. That is why we offer a specially developed range of products that aim not only to help you lose weight, but also to make your diet tasty and satisfying.

How ESN helps you

Increase satiety

Our protein-rich nutritional options, such as Designer Whey, Isoclear and Flexpresso, keep you feeling full for longer. Proteins are essential for maintaining muscle mass during the weight loss process and help prevent cravings.



Isoclear® is revolutionary: a protein lemonade that promotes muscle building/maintenance! Almost fat and lactose-free. Refreshingly different, in various flavors - ideal for your fitness goals!

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Designer Whey

Our Designer Whey is Germany's No. 1 whey protein. Experience creamy taste with no added sugar. Each serving provides up to 23 g of high-quality protein - perfect for building and maintaining muscle. Start now with the protein shake that tastes good and works!

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Flexpresso combines whey protein and real coffee for a double kick. Enjoy up to 22 g of protein per serving and the invigorating effect of caffeine in a creamy drink. No added sugar, in various varieties, perfect for an energetic start to your day.

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Save sugar and avoid cravings

Our products are designed to satisfy your cravings without the added sugar. Enjoy our nutritious snacks that satisfy your sweet tooth without the guilt.

Designer Flavor Powder

Do you want to eat delicious food without missing out on anything? With only 6 to 10 calories per serving, our Designer Flavor Powder adds flavor to your food and drinks without excess calories, perfect for a delicious, low-calorie diet.

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Designer Protein Bar

The Designer Protein Bar is pure power for on the go. With 14g of protein and no added sugar, it is the ideal snack for your diet. The bar impresses with a creamy core, covered in the finest chocolate and a crunchy nut piece topping, making it your delicious companion when losing weight.

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Protein Pudding

With up to 24 g of protein per serving and no added sugar, the Designer Protein Pudding offers a delicious and figure-friendly option to satisfy your cravings. Whether as a filling breakfast, a moment of indulgence between meals or as a sweet reward - treat yourself to the pudding and enjoy the creamy taste without feeling guilty.

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The combination of our products and offers supports you in achieving your sporting goals quickly

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Diät Guide

Boost your Diet Game: Unser Diät Guide liefert dir umfassendes Know-how und praktische Beispiele, um deine Diät zu meistern und dein Ziel zu erreichen.

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Meal Plan 1800kcal

Master your meal, master your diet: Dieser Ernährungsplan für 7 Tage liefert dir leckere Gerichte für deine Diät.

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Meal Plan 2200kcal

Stick to your Plan: Unser 2200 Kcal Meal Plan liefert dir praktische Beispiele, um deine Diät zu meistern und dein Ziel zu erreichen.

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