Protein Snacks

Snackable protein power – are you looking for delicious protein snacks to meet your protein needs more easily? From our best protein bar and our mix for creamy, delicious protein pudding to protein-rich peanut butter, which you can enjoy as a topping or in shakes etc. – try our selection and find the perfect snacks for your routine. What are you waiting for? Snack right.

What types of protein snacks are there?

As athletes, we all know how crucial proteins are for building and maintaining muscle.[¹]But sometimes it's a real challenge to get enough protein from your diet. This is where high-protein snacks come into play - the ideal support to help you meet your protein needs more easily and the ideal basis for achieving your fitness goals.

Different types of protein snacks – our best picks

Protein bars: Our delicious designer protein bars with irresistible taste, full of protein power and no added sugar are the ideal protein snack for athletes, nutrition-conscious people and anyone who loves chocolate bars. They are not only practical for on the go, but also available in many delicious varieties.

Protein Pudding: For those who like it sweet: try our creamy protein pudding full of protein and without any added sugar - ideal for fitness cooking.[²]The pudding is easy to prepare and ideal as a breakfast, snack or protein-rich snack before or after training. For all veggies and vegans: Our pudding is also available in a vegan version, just look hereVegan Protein Pudding.

Protein pancakes& -Waffles:Who says pancakes can only be a cheat meal? Not us! With our mix for protein pancakes and waffles, you can bake delicious pancakes and waffles with valuable proteins and without unnecessary sugar.[²]Ideal as breakfast, pre- or post-workout meal or as a snack in between meals.

peanut butter: Peanut butter is a classic and all-round nutritional product that no healthy kitchen should be without. It supplies your body with proteins as well as good fats, fiber and micronutrients and can be used in a variety of ways for sweet and savory dishes - from shakes and smoothies to toppings, as a spread on bread, in sauces or simply on the spoon. We pay attention to high quality in our peanut butter: 100% roasted peanuts, with no added sugar or preservatives.[²]By the way: With us you will also findNut Butterin the varieties Almond and Cashew.

Protein spread: Full of protein and ideal on bread, as a topping for porridge or just from the spoon – protein spreads are versatile and perfect for enriching your meals like porridge or bowl with an extra portion of protein.

Deep dive – why are protein-rich snacks so helpful?

Protein snacks are a helpful must in your meal plan for several reasons.

How do proteins support you?

Muscle support:Proteins support you in building muscle, but also in maintaining it, for example during dieting phases.[¹] Keep in mind:We recommend 2 g of protein per kg of body weight daily for optimal supply of your muscles.[¹]

Weight management:Protein can keep you full for longer and has a high thermogenic effect. This means that your body has to expend more energy to digest and utilize proteins than, for example, carbs and fats - ideal for dieting.

What benefits do protein snacks offer you?

Ideal protein support:Protein snacks usually have a high proportion of valuable protein – ideal for meeting your needs more easily.

Practical:They are easy to integrate into your routine, as you can replace sweets such as chocolate bars, pudding and sweet spreads with the protein-rich alternatives and enjoy sweet taste and protein power at the same time.

Versatile:Protein snacks come in many different varieties, from bars to pancakes to spreads – there is something for everyone.

[¹] Proteins contribute to an increase in muscle mass. Proteins contribute to the maintenance of muscle mass.

[²] Contains only naturally occurring sugars.