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ESN Super Omega-3
ESN Super Omega-3
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Made in Germany
Premium quality
Product details

High dose power capsules

ESN Super Omega-3 are particularly high quality fish oil capsules, which are made from the healthy polyunsaturated fatty acids eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). Both essential fatty acids are particularly important for the human body as they can support the immune system among other things.

Whilst the body can produce saturated and monounsaturated fatty acids, polyunsaturated fatty acids must be consumed through food. An adequate amount of Omega-3 in your daily nutrition is therefore very important.

Quantity: 60 Capsules
  • Perfect alternative to fish:

  • Supports vascular protection in the body
  • For maintaining a normal cholesterol level
  • Valuable for a healthy diet
  • Obtained from cold water fish

Manufacturer: Fitmart GmbH & Co. KG, Werner-von-Siemens-Straße 8, 25337 Elmshorn, Germany

Recomm. intake
We recommend taking 1 capsule of super Omega-3 by ESN per day. For example, it can be taken with plenty of water along with a main meal.

Fish oil concentrate (beef gelatine, humectant glycerine, water), antioxidant (natural tocopherol mix made from d-α-, d-β-, d-γ- and d-δ-tocopherol.

Dietary supplements do not replace a balanced diet. You should pay attention to a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Keep dietary supplements out of the reach of small children.

Nutrition facts

Nährwerte pro 1 Kapsel
Fett 1000 mg
Omega-3 Fettsäuren insgesamt 750 mg
davon Eicosapentaensäure EPA 400 mg
davon Docosahexaensäure DHA 300 mg
Vitamin E 2 mg
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Super Omega-3 from ESN is a perfect alternative for anyone who does not eat fish. As a healthy all-rounder, the very palatable capsule helps protect the body’s blood vessels. It also helps maintain a normal cholesterol level. Due to the high concentration, with 75% Omega-3 fatty acids and an increased bioavailability of at least 70%, just one capsule a day will provide the required Omega-3 fatty acid.


All of the raw ingredients used are sourced from the best producers. Consistent, excellent quality is particularly important. ESN Super Omega-3 Capsules are produced in Germany to the highest quality standards.

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