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ESN PowerTower Box

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Perfect workout companion.

If you prefer to prepare your [link=5028]Crank[/link] or [link=3425]Nitro BCAA[/link] at the gym, you should not miss out on the ESN PowerTower Box. The three practical containers with a capacity of 180ml each are excellent to fill with powder or capsule supplements for example.

The three containers are easy to screw together. The tightly sealed box then easily stores in your sports bag. In the gym, dispense serving sizes of BCAAs, boosters and similar items into the shaker to enjoy.

The innovative ESN PowerTower Box is also a perfect place to store dietary supplements like [link=1713]Whey[/link] when travelling. If you don't want to miss out on your supplements while on holiday and you don't have space in your case for bulky product packaging, you should use this stylish storage container. It wins us over with absolute premium quality and is a must-have for any fitness fan!

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  • ESN PowerTower Box Transparent
  • Innovative 3 portion storage box
  • 3 x separate boxes (chambers)
  • 3 x 180 ml capacity
  • Ideal for protein powder, BCAA powder, glutamine powder
  • Perfekt for capsule supplements and amino acid tablets
  • Manufactured in premium quality
  • Great for on the go
Manufacturer: Fitmart GmbH & Co. KG, Werner-von-Siemens-Strasse 8, 25337 Elmshorn, Germany


BPA free plastic

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