Muscle building

In order to build muscles and achieve a training effect, athletes have to exceed the so-called stimulus threshold. The target muscles are accordingly burdened differently to what they’re accustomed to. Muscles are stressed beyond what they are used to, which forces them to to adapt. The stimulus threshold of untrained people is significantly lower than for those who are well-trained. What many do not know: the Muscles do not grow during training, but during the regeneration phase right after, especially during sleep. A training workload of four to five units per week for advanced learners is completely sufficient to build muscle. A training beginner can also start with three workout units per week and achieve very good results. Those wanting to achieve muscle growth have to supply their body with more energy than the body requires, thus creating a surplus. In the process, the body gains energy primarily from the macronutrients carbohydrates as well as Fat. Protein is the body's most important building material and is essential for the development of muscles.