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Lose weight the right way – how to reach your goal

When asking different fitness enthusiasts about their ideal look, the answers will probably be very different. So how much muscle mass is considered perfect and even what is perceived as balanced with respect to physical attributes is very individual...
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Cologne’s calling – It’s FIBO Time

The world's largest trade fair for fitness, wellness and health is just around the corner! From April 4th to April 7th 2019, fitness fans from all around the world will gather daily from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. at the Cologne Exhibition Centre. Over 1,100 e...
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Muscle building - How it works

If you have started reading this article, you are most likely somebody who regularly or at least occasionally goes to the gym. Most of your visits there are probably not just about your goal but your motivation too. This article firstly focuses on yo...
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10 tips for better sleep

To a good doctor, “sleep on it” is much more than just a saying. When building muscle and in endurance training especially, in addition to training stimuli, the whole body needs time to also regenerate. Muscles can only grow, the blood&rs...
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Smarter through sports

Healthy body, healthy mind. Motivation, strength and endurance are terms that apply perfectly to both spheres. Actually, regular workouts don’t just train the muscles, the organs and the heart, but also the brain by promoting focus and improvin...
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All about green smoothies

Green has always been the colour of hope. But why the hype about green smoothies? Three words: “Sub-cellular food decomposition”. We all chew our food - sometimes well, sometimes poorly - and so take some of the burden off our digestive t...
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It’s that time again! The world’s biggest, long awaited fitness event is upon us.  From 12th to 15th April, FIBO 2018 in Cologne opens its gates to the international fitness and bodybuilding scene. After a record-breaking attendance ...
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