Losing weight

Energy consumption is the most important factor in weight loss. This forms the basis for diet planning. If you know your basal metabolic rate, you can identify calories that don't add or lose weight. Thus, depending on the activity level, a meaningful deficit of this basal turnover is determined. In addition, the correct distribution of Macronutrients is essential for weight loss. The protein requirement lies at 2g per kilogram of body weight, fat should make up 15-25% of all total calories and the remaining calories are filled with carbohydrates. Micronutrients and sufficient water should also be strong components of any diet. Vitamins and minerals contribute to normal bodily functions and good health. In diet phases the absorption of vitamins can become more difficult, this is why supplements are a powerful reinforcement, providing excellent support. In order to meet its protein requirements in diet phases, athletes ideally choose a high-quality Whey Protein and essential amino acids to help protect the muscles.

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