Get your head clear, strengthen your stamina and speed up your metabolism, these are the most frequent goals for those undergoing endurance training. Endurance sports are about a whole lot more than just jogging, because you have to fight your way through and overcome your limits. This attitude is also transferred onto everyday life. Catching fresh air during training has a restorative and inspiring effect. Cardiotraining is also often used to strengthen the fat burning process in the body. Thereby one runs the risk of losing muscle mass due to poor preparation, eliminating any hard-won training progress. This is due to the body's glycogen stores, which contain energy in the form of glycogen. If these reserves are exhausted after 30-60 minutes of training, the body makes use of the body's own proteins, mainly derived from the muscles, to give the body the needed energy for running. To counter this process, it is necessary to supply the body with fresh calories and sufficient proteins.